Tips & Tricks for English Majors

Since I'm finishing up my fourth year as an English undergraduate student, I thought I'd share some things that I've learned throughout my program to help you save money, be efficient, and just stay on top of things! While this list is inspired by my own experiences as an English major, I'm sure many of … Continue reading Tips & Tricks for English Majors


All Authors Need to Become Celebrities. True or False?

This post in short: I think authors are increasingly being expected to be 'social media famous' or at least very popular on social media in order to get publishing contracts. For those of you who've read my previous post, you'll know that self-publishing a book gives the author complete control over the entire publication process … Continue reading All Authors Need to Become Celebrities. True or False?

Why Give Up “Professionalism” for Self-Publishing

I recently read an article called "Self-Publishing: An Insult To The Written Word?" written by Laurie Gough and was confronted with the question: Why do people choose to self-publish rather than traditionally publish through publishing houses? Of course, this is a very open ended question and everyone who chooses to self-publish will have their own … Continue reading Why Give Up “Professionalism” for Self-Publishing

Newsflash – We Don’t Live in Fairy-tale Land!

How many times do you see a “real talk” Facebook post proclaiming “A real man is someone who…” or "a real fan would know...”? All the freaking time! Or how about the ever popular “You know you’ve found the one when…”? What is this generation’s obsession with generalizations?! Guilty. See what I just did? I … Continue reading Newsflash – We Don’t Live in Fairy-tale Land!