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About Me

Hey everyone! My name’s Amy and I’m currently a university student studying Library and Information Science. :blush:

As you can see, I’m also a book reviewer and my favourite types of novels are middle-grade fantasy and adult fantasy. But I still like to be a bit more diverse with my reading and sometimes read thrillers, contemporaries, memoirs…. really whatever catches my attention! I also read a fair amount of YA, though it’s not necessarily my favourite.

In some of my posts you may come across my cats – they’re important. Binx is my five-year-old rescue black cat (you can also call him Baby Fluff, Bear or Fluff Meister). Kovu is my three-year-old rescue tabby (you can call him Mr. Fluff, Baby Bear or Fluffers).

Fun Fact: Kovu used to tell me what to read by pulling books off the shelf while I slept; for a while I just took his recommendations to make choosing a book easier.

You can also find my on:

  • the Books & Writing Amino app: :ribbon: Amy :ribbon:
  • Instagram: @scribblerscloud_amy

About this Blog

This blog began as a place to write book reviews but it has quickly evolved into something more. It’s now a place for me to post anything book or writing related, including book hauls, reading polls, book reviews, original writing pieces and more!

Review Policy

Request Status: I am only accepting requests for small pieces of writing (such as novellas) at this time.

Please read this before requesting a book review or promotion:

  • I always give a 100% honest review
  • I retain the right to DNF (not finish) a book for any reason
  • I do not accept non-fiction or religious books for review
  • My preferred books to review include fantasy and thriller novels
  • I rarely read e-books (I tend to enjoy books much less when I read them in electronic form)
  • I do not post special request promotions for books that I have not read

Please refer to the Contact page to inquire about a review or if you have any questions!

Proofreading and Editing

I offer proofreading and editing services over on Fiverr: