Sword Art Online Read-A-Thon

After perusing the read-a-thons happening in the month of May and not finding any that interest me, I’ve decided to create my own!

My read-a-thon is inspired by Sword Art Online (SAO), which can be experienced as a TV show and manga. You don’t know what SAO is? That’s okay! This read-a-thon is user-friendly so that even if you’ve never heard of SAO, you’ll still be able to participate 100% in this read-a-thon.

This will be taking place May 7th – May 21st.

Here is a list of the challenges:

Final Poster

If you’d like to follow along on Twitter, use the hashtag: #SAOReadathon

You can also follow along on the Books Amino mobile app with the same hashtag. If you want to specifically follow me, I am the curator named 🎀Amy🎀

Be sure to post each time you complete a challenge!



3 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Read-A-Thon

  1. Omg that is so cool! I am seeing this so late so I doubt I can join but let me know if there are any other manga/anime readathons because those are so interesting!

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    1. You can always join and just have a book count for several challenges at once! But I’ll def be doing more read-a-thons like this in the future 😊 I also do reading sprints and updates on the Books Amino app if you’re ever wanting to join in!

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