I’ll be Partaking in #TheReadingQuest

That’s right, guys, I’ll be participating in #TheReadingQuest challenge/readathon and I couldn’t be more excited!

About #TheReadingQuest


#TheReadingQuest is a challenge / read-a-thon created and hosted by Aentee (@readatmidnight).

Basically, you are given a Bingo card full of reading challenges that you need to complete. The catch is that you also have to choose a character which will designate a row or column of the Bingo card to you to finish first. Here is a little step-by-step guide to make this more clear:

  1. Choose a Character based on your reading preferences for this read-a-thon.the-reading-quest-character-classes
  2. Have a look at the Quest Board (Bingo card) and find your Character’s Path:reading-quest-board1You must complete your character’s path first before completing any of the other purple spaces. The blue spaces in the middle at “side quests” which can be completed at any time. Note that one book can only count for one space!
  3. There is also a points system where you can gain EXP and HP depending on how may books you read, pages you read, and your level of social media interaction regarding #TheReadingQuest
  4. You can find the full guidelines and #TheReadingQuest sign-up post here


This read-a-thon takes place Sunday August 13th – Sunday September 10th.


There will be prizes for winners (people with the most HP, etc.).

If you’re interested, please sign up with me a get those TBRs into the world!!!

I’ll be posting my character choice and TBR very soon!



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