While perusing Pinterest, I discovered Book Spine Poetry!

What is it?

It’s stacking books on top of each other so that the writing on the spines form a poem — and it’s A LOT harder than it looks.

I literally sat in front of my bookshelf for about an hour, pulling books off the shelf, stacking and re-stacking them…..but ALAS! I somewhat successfully made three book spine poems:

What If?


What If
The Merciless
Never Fade (?)




Shatter me,
Beautiful Disaster


Night Life


Warm Bodies
Taken at Dusk
Dance with the Devil
In the Afterlight


What If? is meant to portray existential anxieties

Reckless is, well, reckless! Lustful recklessness

Night Life was mostly inspired by the modernist poem’s I’ve been reading that touch on how city night life (at the time) is new, mysterious, and morally ambiguous


Anyway – let me know how I did!

And if you decided to do this too – on Books Amino – be sure to use the hashtag: #spinepoetry