REVIEW: The Princess Saves Herself in This One by Amanda Lovelace

I was browsing Instagram a few nights ago when I came across a few pics…







So, it being 2am, I messaged my friend, Sara to tell her about my amazing discovery…


The very next day we drove out to the local ChaptersIndigo store an grabbed this lovely poetry book which I read to completion that night. enjoy my review 😽!


“Ah, life- the thing that happens to us while we’re off somewhere else blowing on dandelions & wishing ourselves into the pages of our favorite fairy tales.”

A poetry collection divided into four different parts: the princess, the damsel, the queen, & you. the princess, the damsel, & the queen piece together the life of the author in three stages, while you serves as a note to the reader & all of humankind. Explores life & all of its love, loss, grief, healing, empowerment, & inspirations.


Loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. This book simply radiates confidence. Even if you’re like me and you couldn’t quite relate to much of the subject matter on a personal level, this overarching tone of empowerment still emanates from between the words and slips into your heart. On the other hand, I’m sure that I could have had a stronger connection to the poems if I could personally relate, and this is really my only complaint – of course at no fault of the author or book or anyone, just a coincidental fault of my personal reading experience.

I also believe that this book is quite universal. By this, I’m not referring to the subject matter of the book but rather the way it is written. If you’re a person who tends to shrink back at the thought of poetry, imagining it as a series of tedious, Miltonic lines, this will totally surprise you. The language is very modern and almost conversational at times – which would certainly put poetry-haters at ease. If you’re like me and read the entire book all in one sitting, you may also notice that the poems seem to merge together to tell a chronological story of the author’s earlier life. This narrative aspect of the poems really appealed to me as I felt that I was thrown more deeply into the authors life, rather than being handed decontextualized snippets of it. I’m really not sure if the poems actually are chronological, but that’s the impression I got, and it made me love the book even more!

Now, as with everything in the 21st century, there’s not much originality these days, and the same goes for lots of the subject matter in these poems – weight shaming-love yourself, extreme loss-mourn but keep living your life, toxic relationships-get out you’re worth it…. but what I did love is how Lovelace (adorable name!) made each topic her own, not only by rooting them in her personal experiences but by relating them to fairy-tales. My favourite is how she incorporated mermaids into her poems.


I also just want to commend Amanda Lovelace on writing about such personal and difficult subject matter and turning it into a source of inspiration ❤

Highly recommend! Just know that there is some swearing involved (only for emphasis though!).

Rating: 4.95/5 Stars



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