Free E-Books App: Inkitt

I have only recently been introduced to Inkitt but I love their mission so much that I have to tell you about it!

Brief Overview

Inkitt is a website and iOS app (Android app coming January 7th, 2017) where you can read free ebooks by indie authors. The really cool thing is that Inkitt actually publishes the most popular and well-loved stories. So it’s a win-win for indie publishers who don’t want to go through the daunting process of trying to publish with large publishing houses and for readers who don’t want to spend money to enjoy great books! The readers basically determine what gets published!

How it Works for Readers

The Inkitt app is compatible with both phones and tablets.

First you download the app and create an account.


Then you select your genre preferences which allows the app to give you accurate book recommendations. Now you can browse any and all of the titles available!



Clicking on the title of a story will allow you to read the synopsis and the whole story  and allow you to toggle you background colour preference (white, eggshell, nightowl) as well as change the font size.



Make sure to Bookmark the stories you are reading so that you can read them even when there isn’t an internet connection!


How it Works for Authors

First you make an Inkitt account. When the app is open, click:

“More” > “Are you a writer?| > “Get In Touch” or “benefits of becoming an Inkitt author”



Inkitt has already made the top charts in the app store and has published seven books of various genres. If you’re an indie author or are just looking for free books, I highly recommend you check it out!


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