Patronus Info Survey RESULTS

A while back I created a survey to see if there is any correlation between your Pottermore designated Hogwarts house, Ilvermorny House and Patronus. Here’s what I’ve found:

From the results I’ve collected, there appears to be little correlation between Hogwarts House, Ilvermorny House, and Patronus. Keep in mind that these could very well be coincidences.

The only correlations I noticed are:
– 70% of Hufflepuffs are also Thunderbirds
– 50% of Slytherins are Horned Serpents and 50% are Pukwudgies
– Hufflepuffs who aren’t Thunderbirds have a Dolphin Patronus’
– Slytherin Pukwudgies have White Swan Patronus’

Here are the specific results:

Hufflepuff          Thunderbird          Fox

Hufflepuff          Thunderbird          Bat

Hufflepuff          Thunderbird          White Stallion

Hufflepuff          Thunderbird          Tortoiseshell Cat

Hufflepuff          Thunderbird          Ragdoll Cat

Hufflepuff          Thunderbird          Saint Bernard

Hufflepuff          Thunderbird          Weasel

Hufflepuff          Horned Serpent          Dolphin

Hufflepuff          Pukwidgie          Dolphin

Hufflepuff          Wampus          Dolphin

Gryffindor          Thunderbird          Dragon

Gryffindor          Thunderbird          Basset Hound

Gryffindor          Horned Serpent          Tigress

Gryffindor          Horned Serpent          White Mare

Gryffindor          Pukwudgie          Sparrow Hawk

Gryffindor          Pukwudgie          Weasel

Gryffindor          Wampus          Polecat

Gryffindor          Wampus          Dolphin

Slytherin          Horned Serpent          Field Mouse

Slytherin          Horned Serpent          Saint Bernard

Slytherin          Pukwudgie          White Swan

Slytherin          Pukwudgie          White Swan

Ravenclaw          Thunderbird          Red Squirrel

Ravenclaw          Thunderbird          Raven

Ravenclaw          Thunderbird          Dun Mare

Ravenclaw          Horned Serpent          Black and White Cat

Ravenclaw          Horned Serpent          Crow

Ravenclaw          Horned Serpent          Ragdoll Cat

Ravenclaw          Pukwudgie          Siberian Cat

Ravenclaw          Pukwudgie          Fox Terrier

Ravenclaw          Pukwudgie          West Highland Terrier

Ravenclaw          Wampus          Occamy

Ravenclaw          Wampus          Calico Cat

Ravenclaw          Wampus          Osprey



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