REVIEW: The Warrior (The Arcadian #3) by T. L. Coulter


War is coming to the Wizards of Arcadia.
Will Kailee’s love be enough for Rek to fight for good, or will a powerful blood bond push him to fight for evil?


This book is the definition of a happily ever after. Overall it was a decent end to a simple yet exciting trilogy. It remains to be a wonderful novel trilogy ideally for young teenagers or even preteens. It is full of love, hatred, danger, and most of all, good vs evil.

As much as I love this series and the characters in it, the idea of good vs evil started to get a bit old for me. Everything was almost too black and white. The bad guys were simply bad due to a poison coursing through their veins, and the good guys were good in order to stop the bad guys from creating destruction. I have to say that I did like how the evil was not only “evil”, and was a poison, but it still was a little too  unexplained. That could also just be the simplicity of a young teen novel though.

I still love Kailee and Rek, Astrid and Gabe, Ryan and Tasha, and Audric and Cass. It’s all perfect. It was a little convenient that everyone found their soulmates so easily, but you really can’t help but love it and get a warm feeling inside. Everything is wrapped up perfectly in the epilogue that will leave you satisfied and happy for everyone. 

There is lots of death in this book seeing as it is the final book in the trilogy. Both good and bad characters die, and everyone is put in danger. There really are lots of plot twists and unexpected events in this finale which I love!

If you are a fan of The Key and The Oracle, please, please, please read till the very end. This book comes to a perfect ending and will definitely make you smile. This is cliche teen paranormal romance at it’s finest, and I loved it 🙂

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars


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