REVIEW: The Oracle (The Arcadian #2) by T. L. Coulter


When Rek finds Kailee and Audric’s bodies missing from their coffins, he must figure out where they are before it is too late. Rek along with Astrid, and their mortal friend Gabe, must cross realms in order to find the last remaining Oracle. She is the only one who can help lead them to Kailee and Audric. Will Rek find Kailee and Audric before it is too late? Will the secrets about the “key” prophecy finally be revealed? Find out in this exciting second installment of The Arcadian Series.


As excited as I was for this book, I feel like it just didn’t completely deliver. To me it was just a bridge book, bringing together the first book and the third (which is not yet released). The story continues exactly where it left off in book one, but gets cut off at the end. There is a fine line between a cliffhanger and cutting a story off right in the middle, and I think that this was not the time to end the story. The book almost did a complete 360 as it started out with people being kidnapped and ended the exact same way, so in the end I didn’t feel like too much progress was made.

I still like the writing style of T. L. Coulter and I love the storyline and the characters – I just think the book should have been longer. 

Unlike book one, this one takes place more in the wizard realm. It gave me more of an idea about the setting these characters are in. We are introduced to new characters that I found easy to love (and hate). I also loved how it took a vision that Kailee had in book one, and made it come true in this book – I completely forgot about that!

I would say that since this is an easy read that has a pretty simple story line, this would be an ideal read for an audience of middle schoolers or young teens. Overall I think this book could have used a bit more work but it is successful in making me want to read the next one.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars


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