REVIEW: The Key (The Arcadian #1) by T. L. Coulter


When the new King of Arcadia, Audric Sjöberg is forced into hiding, his younger brother Rek, is sent to the mortal realm to find “the key”. “The Key” is the one person that can help Audric take back his kingdom, and restore peace within the wizard realm.

Kailee Reece is a normal teenager, or so she believes. When Kailee’s wishes turn into reality, she becomes the target of unwanted attention. Rek’s search sends him to Astoria Oregon, where he meets Kailee, and they are drawn to one another. Kailee and Rek attempt to fight their feelings, but the temptation is too great.

Kailee and Rek’s happiness is threatened by an ancient prophecy that could tear them apart. Rek must convince Kailee to return to Arcadia in order to save Audric and his kingdom. Once the kingdom is safe, Rek may be forced to say goodbye to Kailee forever.


To be honest, when I started this book I was really underwhelmed. It was all so cliche (a typical teenage paranormal book) with an outcast, teenage girl who discovers she has special powers and is the only one who can save the wizards, but love complicates things. Sounds like many other YA books. But I have to say, the more the story progressed, the more I came to love it. By the end of the book my heart was racing!

Even though Kailee was a pretty cliche character, I came to love her. For once the main character didn’t make a petty mistake that pisses off the reader! I was so happy about that! Kailee actually listens to what other people have to say and (for the most part) doesn’t make snap decisions that she later regrets.

I loved Rek too. He’s not an AMAZING character or anything just because he too is (I’m totally overusing this word) cliche. The soldier sent on a mission but falls in forbidden love and is conflicted with himself for the rest of the book.

I have to say that I do love these types of books still, they are such easy reads but still intriguing. Minus the last chapter of the book, I found everything fairly predictable – but then again I would say that this book would be directed towards younger teens. 

Overall I thought this was a nice light read that left me really wanting to read the next book, The Oracle right away, the last chapter left me speechless!! I just want to thank T. L. Coulter for sending me this book for review – it was Wonderful!

Rating: 4/5 Stars


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