REVIEW: Fallout (Hann #2) by James K. Decker


Sam Shao has found out too much about the haan, by accident. All humans have to get along with them—we owe them our lives—and Sam even counts a haan among her best friends. But the more she learns, the less she trusts them

It doesn’t help that the building of new haan colonies seems to be coinciding with a rash of missing persons cases. Sam and her hacker friends are determined to reveal the truth about the haan, before it’s too late. The aliens are still promising salvation, and they seem set to deliver, but with things already spinning out of control Sam is confronted with a possibility no one wants to admit—that what salvation means to humankind and what it means to the haan may be two horribly different things.  


This book was definitely better than the first one! In the first book, I struggled a bit to understand the world the story took place in, but with this prior knowledge now, I felt like I could focus more on the storyline. Just like the first book, this is incredibly fast-paced and full of nonstop action – which I love. What I love about Decker, is that he really knows how to twist up the plot and take the story in unexpected directions. It’s the type of story where you honestly can never guess what will happen next. I like that this book had more of a focus on Sam’s relationships with Alexi, Dragan, Nix, and VAMP. I’m in love with Vamp.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars


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